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Infographic showing broadband capacity in the Eastern Sierra
Mono County is a Gigabit Region!

In 2013, a $120m fiber optic project was completed which opened a new era of opportunity for the Eastern Sierra Region. Known as 'Digital 395', the project completed an 'open access' network capable of delivering Petabytes of data to Mono, Inyo, and eastern Kern Counties.

As a result of this new capacity, Internet Service Providers such as Suddenlink are able to increase the quality of service and speeds that they offer to customers in their markets. In fact, Mammoth Lakes became Suddenlink's first 'Gigabit' market in California and makes Mammoth the first resort community in the US that offers residential Gigabit internet service.

In addition to Suddenlink, other providers (such as Race Communications) are also beginning to develop new infrastructure in communities throughout Mono County and are offering residential and business service to customers that rivals those of any US Metro city.

As of 2017, 95% of the households in Mono County have access to Gigabit internet service at 50% of the cost per Megabit (on a per capita basis). By the end of 2018, that number will grow to roughly 98% of households, and the cost will drop (per capita) to approximately 30% of the national average. 

This will also mean that Mono County is one of the first and only counties in the US that can offer service at this level to the majority of its constituents.

Digital 395 Project Overview

Digital 395 is a 'Middle Mile' project that is building a new 583-mile fiber optic network between Barstow, CA and Carson City, NV that will mainly follow the Highway 395 corridor.

Along the way, the project will encompass 36 communities, six Indain reservations, two military bases, over 25,000 households and 2,500 businesses. The project will bring high speed Internet to over 250 key anchor institutions and points of interest, including local government, public safety entities, schools, libraries, and health care facilities. In addition, high-capacity fiber will be available to Last Mile Providers for use in extending Internet service to additional residential and business customers throughout the project area.

More information about Digital 395 can be found through official project website.

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Infographic showing broadband capacity in the Eastern Sierra
Infographic showing how broadband in the Eastern Sierra compares to the rest of the US.