Mono County

Documents, Reports, and Presentations

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08 13 2013 Mono County Budget Workshop PowerPoint Auditor - Controller 08_13_2013_mono_county_budget_workshop_powerpoint.pdf
2007-08 Final Budget Auditor - Controller 2007-08 Final Budget
2007-08 Financial Audit Auditor - Controller 2007-08 Financial Audit
2007-08 Single Audit Auditor - Controller 2007-08 Single Audit
2008-09 Final Budget Auditor - Controller 2008-09 Final Budget
2008-09 Financial Audit Auditor - Controller 2008-09 Financial Audit
2008-09 Single Audit Auditor - Controller 2008-09 Single Audit
2009-10 Final Budget Auditor - Controller 2009-10 Final Budget
2009-10 Financial Audit Auditor - Controller 2009-10 Financial Audit
2009-10 Single Audit Auditor - Controller 2009-10 Single Audit
2010-11 Final Budget Auditor - Controller 2010-11 Final Budget
2010-11 Financial Audit Auditor - Controller 2010-11 Financial Audit
2010-11 Mid-Year Budget Auditor - Controller 2010-2011 Mid-Year Budget
2010-11 Single Audit Auditor - Controller 2010-11 Single Audit
2011-12 Final Budget Auditor - Controller 2011-12 Final Budget
2011-12 Financial Audit Auditor - Controller 2011-12 Financial Audit
2011-12 Mid-Year Budget Auditor - Controller 2011-12 Mid-Year Budget
2011-12 Proposed Budget Auditor - Controller 2011-12 Proposed Budget
2011-12 Single Audit Auditor - Controller 2011-12 Single Audit
2012-13 County Fee Summary - June 2012 Auditor - Controller County Fee Summary - June 2012
2012-13 Final Budget Auditor - Controller 2012-13 Final Budget
2012-13 Financial Audit Auditor - Controller 2012-13_audited_financial_statements.pdf
2012-13 Property Tax Admin Report Auditor - Controller 2012-13_property_tax_admin_report.pdf
2012-13 Proposed Budget Auditor - Controller 2012-13 Proposed Budget
2012-13 Single Audit Auditor - Controller 2012-13_single_audit_report.pdf
2012-13 Tax Rates Auditor - Controller 2012-13_tax_rates.pdf
2013 June Mountain Operation Plan RPAC - June Lake Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) 2013 June Mountain Operation Plan
2013-14 County Fee Summary Auditor - Controller 2013-14_fee_schedule_resolution_13-47.pdf
2013-14 Tax Rates Auditor - Controller r13-71_2013-14_tax_rates.pdf
2014-15 Budget Workshop Auditor - Controller 2014-15 Budget Workshop
2014-15 County Fee Summary Auditor - Controller 2014-15 County Fee Summary
2014-15 Fees Resolution
2014-15 Enterprise Fees Resolution
2014-15 Proposed Budget Auditor - Controller 2014-15 Proposed Budget
2014-15 Tax Rates Auditor - Controller 2014-15 Tax Rates
2015-16 Mid-Year Budget Auditor - Controller 2014-15_mid-year_budget_web.pdf
Antelope Valley RPAC - Antelope Valley Draft AV land use element policies July 31, 2015
Draft AV regional transportation plan policies July 31, 2015
AV RPAC recommended Area Plan changes to the General Plan
AV RPAC recommended changes to the Regional Transportation Plan
Opticos design book _ draft _ part 1
Opticos design book _ draft _ part 2
Area Plan update _ proposed 10.19.2013
Adopted RTP Policies by AVRPAC on June 6, 2013
AV issues opportunities and constraints
AV Transportation Policies discussion item for May 2
Antelope Valley RPAC By-Laws
Mono Co. RPAC Purpose and Need
AV issues / opportunities and constraints
Antelope Valley Community Profile
General Plan - Antelope Valley land use policies
General Plan - Antelope Valley economic development element
Collaborative Planning Team - Community Issues final report - Antelope Valley section
Corridor Enhancement Program - Antelope Valley section
AV area plan page 1
AV area plan page 2
AV area plan page 3
AV area plan page 4
AV area plan page 5
Appropriation of Public Funds Policy Auditor - Controller appropriation_of_public_funds_policy.pdf
Area Plan Policy Review RPAC - Bridgeport Valley RPAC bridgeport_general_plan_policies_with_notes_and_suggestions_2.6.12.pdf
Aspens at Gull Lake (January, 2007) Planning Division Botanical Survey for Proposed Aspens at Gull Lake
Bodie RV Park Specific Plan Planning Division Adopting Resolution R00-21, April 2000
Bodie RV Park Vol. 1
Bodie RV Park Vol. 2
Bodie RV Park Vol. 3
Bridgeport Main Street Revitalization RPAC - Bridgeport Valley RPAC Bridgeport Main Street Revitalization Final Report (17 MB)
Bridgeport Design Idea Book (23 MB)
Bridgeport Multi-Agency Office Site Study (13 MB)
Bridgeport Conceptual Striping Plan
Bridgeport Main Street Design Fair Outreach
Brown Specific Plan & EIR (September, 2004) Planning Division Brown Specific Plan & Draft EIR (September, 2004)
Building Division Resources Building Division
Community Wildfire Protection Plan Community Development Mono County Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Conway Ranch Conservation Easement RPAC - Mono Basin Memo to RPAC providing recommendations for the Conway Ranch Conservation Easement
Draft Conway and Mattly Conservation Easement
Draft Conway Management Plan Exhibits
Draft Conway Management Plan
Conway and Mattly Conservation Easement Summary
Applied Geotechnology Report on Conway Groundwater Resources (1987)
Surface Water and Groundwater Availability Assessment - Mono City Area (2006)
Conway Ranch Specific Plan & Final EIR Planning Division Conway Ranch Specific Plan & EIR 1990
Conway Ranch Acquisition/Mill Creek Restoration
Introduction to Appendices A-G
Appendix A: Geotechnical Engineering and Geology
Appendix B: Identification and Delineation of Waters
Appendix C: Preliminary Soils Map
Appendix D: Groundwater Resources
Appendix E: Water Quality Data
Appendix F: Deer Migration and Sagegrouse Study
Appendix G: Visual Analysis
Appendix I: Economic and Fiscal Impacts
Appendix J: Comments on Notice of Preparation
Appendix K: Mule Deer and Sagegrouse Mitigation Plan
Appendix L: Public Comments on Revised DEIR
Appendix M: Public Comments on Original DEIR
Appendix N: County Responses to Comments
Appendix O: Testimony at Public Hearing
Mitigation Monitoring Program
County Buildings Public Works - Facilities County Facility Needs Assessment Report (2009)
County Code County Counsel
Crowley Lake SP & FEIR (October 2001) Planning Division Crowley Lake Specific Plan
Debt Policy Auditor - Controller Debt Policy
Eastern Sierra Housing Needs Assessment Housing Authority Eastern Sierra Housing Needs Assessment