Mono County

Documents, Reports, and Presentations

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08 13 2013 Mono County Budget Workshop PowerPoint Auditor - Controller 08_13_2013_mono_county_budget_workshop_powerpoint.pdf
2007-08 Final Budget Auditor - Controller 2007-08 Final Budget
2007-08 Financial Audit Auditor - Controller 2007-08 Financial Audit
2007-08 Single Audit Auditor - Controller 2007-08 Single Audit
2008-09 Final Budget Auditor - Controller 2008-09 Final Budget
2008-09 Financial Audit Auditor - Controller 2008-09 Financial Audit
2008-09 Single Audit Auditor - Controller 2008-09 Single Audit
2009-10 Final Budget Auditor - Controller 2009-10 Final Budget
2009-10 Financial Audit Auditor - Controller 2009-10 Financial Audit
2009-10 Single Audit Auditor - Controller 2009-10 Single Audit
2010-11 Final Budget Auditor - Controller 2010-11 Final Budget
2010-11 Financial Audit Auditor - Controller 2010-11 Financial Audit
2010-11 Mid-Year Budget Auditor - Controller 2010-2011 Mid-Year Budget
2010-11 Single Audit Auditor - Controller 2010-11 Single Audit
2011-12 Final Budget Auditor - Controller 2011-12 Final Budget
2011-12 Financial Audit Auditor - Controller 2011-12 Financial Audit
2011-12 Mid-Year Budget Auditor - Controller 2011-12 Mid-Year Budget
2011-12 Proposed Budget Auditor - Controller 2011-12 Proposed Budget
2011-12 Single Audit Auditor - Controller 2011-12 Single Audit
2012-13 County Fee Sumary - June 2012 Auditor - Controller County Fee Sumary - June 2012
2012-13 Final Budget Auditor - Controller 2012-13 Final Budget
2012-13 Financial Audit Auditor - Controller 2012-13_audited_financial_statements.pdf
2012-13 Property Tax Admin Report Auditor - Controller 2012-13_property_tax_admin_report.pdf
2012-13 Proposed Budget Auditor - Controller 2012-13 Proposed Budget
2012-13 Single Audit Auditor - Controller 2012-13_single_audit_report.pdf
2012-13 Tax Rates Auditor - Controller 2012-13_tax_rates.pdf
2013 June Mountain Operation Plan RPAC - June Lake Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) 2013 June Mountain Operation Plan
2013-14 County Fee Summary Auditor - Controller 2013-14_fee_schedule_resolution_13-47.pdf
Appropriation of Public Funds Policy Auditor - Controller appropriation_of_public_funds_policy.pdf
Area Plan background documents RPAC - Antelope Valley Area Plan update _ proposed 10.19.2013
Adopted RTP Policies by AVRPAC on June 6, 2013
AV issues opportunities and constraints
AV Transportation Policies discussion item for May 2
Antelope Valley RPAC By-Laws
Mono Co. RPAC Purpose and Need
AV issues / opportunities and constraints
Antelope Valley Community Profile
General Plan - Antelope Valley land use policies
General Plan - Antelope Valley economic development element
Collaborative Planning Team - Community Issues final report - Antelope Valley section
Corridor Enhancement Program - Antelope Valley section
AV area plan page 1
AV area plan page 2
AV area plan page 3
AV area plan page 4
AV area plan page 5
Area Plan Policy Review RPAC - Bridgeport Valley RPAC bridgeport_general_plan_policies_with_notes_and_suggestions_2.6.12.pdf
Aspens at Gull Lake (January, 2007) Planning Division Botanical Survey for Proposed Aspens at Gull Lake
Bodie RV Park Specific Plan Planning Division Adopting Resolution R00-21, April 2000
Bodie RV Park Vol. 1
Bodie RV Park Vol. 2
Bodie RV Park Vol. 3
Bridgeport Main Street Revitalization RPAC - Bridgeport Valley RPAC Bridgeport Conceptual Striping Plan
Staff Memo: conceptual striping plan
Bridgeport Main Street Design Fair Outreach
Brown Specific Plan & EIR (September, 2004) Planning Division Brown Specific Plan & Draft EIR (September, 2004)
Building Division Resources Building Division
Conway Ranch Specific Plan & Final EIR Planning Division Conway Ranch Specific Plan & EIR 1990
Conway Ranch Acquisition/Mill Creek Restoration
Introduction to Appendices A-G
Appendix A: Geotechnical Engineering and Geology
Appendix B: Identification and Delineation of Waters
Appendix C: Preliminary Soils Map
Appendix D: Groundwater Resources
Appendix E: Water Quality Data
Appendix F: Deer Migration and Sagegrouse Study
Appendix G: Visual Analysis
Appendix I: Economic and Fiscal Impacts
Appendix J: Comments on Notice of Preparation
Appendix K: Mule Deer and Sagegrouse Mitigation Plan
Appendix L: Public Comments on Revised DEIR
Appendix M: Public Comments on Original DEIR
Appendix N: County Responses to Comments
Appendix O: Testimony at Public Hearing
Mitigation Monitoring Program
County Buildings Public Works - Facilities Facilities Address List
County Facility Needs Assessment Report (2009)
County Code County Counsel
Crowley Lake SP & FEIR (October 2001) Planning Division Crowley Lake Specific Plan
Debt Policy Auditor - Controller Debt Policy
Eastern Sierra Housing Needs Assessment Housing Authority Eastern Sierra Housing Needs Assessment
Economic Development Resources Economic Development and Special Projects CSU Bakersfield Small Business Development Center- Free Webinars
Emergency Medical System Evaluation EMS Final Mono County Emergency Medical Services Report
Draft Mono County Emergency Medical Services Report
Fitch & Asssociates Proposal
Fitch & Associates Contract
Fitch & Associates Information and Data Request
Meeting Scchedule
EMS - Agenda for the Future
Rural and Frontier EMS - Agenda for the Future
Engineering Public Works - Facilities Mono County Road Improvement Standards (1981)
Fire Safe Regulations - Land Use Element, Chapter 22
Corner Record Form
Parcel & Tract Map Task Checklist for Developers
Obtaining a Right-of-Way on Public Lands
BLM Application to Build Road on Federal Lands (Form sf-299)
Exhibit A - Housing Mitigation Requirements Housing Authority Exhibit A - Housing Mitigation Requirements
General Plan Planning Division I - Introduction
II - Land Use Element
III - Circulation Element
IV - Housing Element
V - Conservation-Open Space Element
VI - Safety Element
VII - Noise Element
VIII - Hazardous Waste Management Element
IX - Economic Development Element
LUD Maps - Planning Areas
Land Use Designation (LUD) Maps - Explanation
LUD Maps - Antelope Valley
LUD Maps - Bridgeport
LUD Maps - Swauger Creek
LUD Maps - June Lake
LUD Maps- Lee Vining
LUD Maps - Mammoth Vicinity
LUD Maps - Crowley Lake
LUD Maps - Tri-Valley
LUD Maps - Wheeler Crest
Appendix A - Design Guidelines
Appendix B - Low Impact Development Guide
Appendix C - Wheeler Crest Emergency Access Map
1993 EIR Part 1
1993 EIR Part 2
2000 EIR
MEA (Master Environmental Assessment)
Guiding Principles Collaborative Planning Team (CPT) Guiding Principles
Highway as Main Street & Context- Sensitive Solutions Local Transportation Commission (LTC) Highway as Main Street & Context- Sensitive Solutions
January is National Radon Action Month Environmental Health